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Q118. Where is the true-self when my mind is full of illusions?

A. Your mind is no other than the true-self and all the illusions are the actions of your mind. What matters here is that, while saying that your mind is full of illusions, you, in fact, don’t know what your mind is. If you knew it clearly, you could be said to be enlightened.


In order to know your mind clearly, try to trace illusions back to their root and know it clearly instead of trying to avoid or remove them in vain. Their root is your mind, which is the true-self. So you, it is said, can realise your true-self through illusions.
©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

1 thought on “Q118. Where is the true-self when my mind is full of illusions?”

  1. Sometimes I am aware of the thoughts in my mind and The likes and dislikes, judgement and emotions that arise from them and can let them go.
    Other times I attach to them without realising it and almost become the emotions they produce. There are consequences of that.
    The more I practice the more I can see what happens and see the strength of this illusion of a separate self which is also True self. Which leaves me with the question. Who sees ?


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