“Two words about This Zen Teaching: Life Changing.

From an early age I’ve been a seeker, but it wasn’t until I met Boo Ahm in 2015 that I finally rested, knowing beyond doubt that I’d stumbled upon an extraordinary teacher. He is generous with both his time and explanations of what enlightenment is, having chosen to dedicate his life to enable students to benefit from his understanding and wise guidance. Through his patience, we can begin our journey to experience for ourselves how things truly are – to see for the first-time form as emptiness and emptiness as form.

These teachings have given me a completely new perspective in which I can more effectively navigate through the events of my life. Without this understanding I would have certainly suffered more. Boo Ahm’s unique teachings have brought the religious scriptures to life. He has shown how they provide a clear road map out of the world of duality. I have never had access to such beautiful explanations before and I feel honoured to have such a wise and benevolent man In my world.”

Nicola Eyre (Fragrance of Lotus)

“My introduction to Zen has proved to be a valuable salvation that I hold most dear. The more I practised Zen, the more integrated I became, its depth and profundity like a breath of fresh air. Six years later, my interest remains strong and my curiosity alive.

Zen practice provides clarity and guidance throughout my daily life and helps locate stability within turmoil, providing support with the more major challenges life brings. I feel that I have grown in confidence and developed self-assurance. Zen has refined my attitude and outlook on life, bringing a better understanding of the world around me and my place within it. Zen practice has also helped to expose some of my weaknesses, enabling me to make peace with them and allowing me to shed some unnecessary baggage.  I sincerely recommend Zen meditation to all – in my opinion, it’s just what humanity needs in order to evolve in a clear and conscious way.”

Suzy Walters (Fragrance of Wisdom)