Q. What Sutra would you recommend as the greatest?

Q. What Sutra would you recommend as the greatest?

A. If you read the Sutras, you can find that all Sutras have a common scripture that says, “This is the greatest of the Sutras, so those who possess and recite it shall be given unimaginable merit.” Why do you think that the Sutras have the same comment? Which is really the greatest of them when each of them insists that it is the greatest of all the Sutras?



You should know that the Sutra mentioned as the greatest here is not the book itself but our mind. All the Sutras that can be seen outside are from the main Sutra, our mind, just as everything comes from the same root, our mind. The greatest Sutra is no other than our mind. Each of us has his or her own Sutra. All the Sutras made of paper are auxiliary Sutras that help us to understand our own Sutra.

Therefore, there is no superiority or inferiority among the Sutras since, whatever Sutra you may choose, it is part of your own Sutra. In fact, our life itself is the Sutra, so it is said that everything we hear or see is a Dharma talk or the gate to the final goal, our true Self.

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