Hsin Shin Ming: “20. Do not search for the truth; only cease to cherish false opinions.”

Hsin Shin Ming: “20. Do not search for the truth; only cease to cherish false opinions.”

‘Search for the truth’ means to search for the true-Self, and ‘cherish false opinion’ means to mistake names which are just imaginary lines as real. The fact is that there is nothing that doesn’t belong to the truth. There is nothing other than the truth. We are already the truth itself as well. We can’t get out of the truth, or cease to be the truth even for a moment. The reason why we don’t see the truth is not that it is far from us but that false opinions prevent us from seeing it.

Our problem is that we search for truth with false opinions of it. This is like building a barrier of false opinions before our eyes that blocks our sight. The more false opinions we have, the stronger and the higher the barrier becomes. The harder we search for it in this way, the further we become from seeing it.

So, you should try to realise what it is that searches for the truth instead of searching for the truth in vain. Realising what you are is realising the truth because you are no other than the very truth itself.

Student: “What is the truth?”
Master: “What is not?”
Student: “I am still lost.”
Master: “That’s it, too.”

©Boo Ahm
All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway http://ow.ly/i/Ax32b

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