(6 Jun) Q. I have ambiguous vague malais

Q. I have ambiguous vague malaise about my future.

A. In fact everybody has the same emotion as you have about the future to a certain extent. This is an emotion mixed with worry and fear coming from uncertainty. However, you should think that the uncertainty of the future makes our life exciting and interesting. We have a word ‘spoiler’ that means a person who reduces the excitement of a movie by telling the story of a film to the people who plan to see the movie. This means that removing uncertainty from the movie we are going to see is spoiling the excitement and expectation of it.

In the same way, our life is interesting and worth living without giving it up even in the worst situation because of the uncertainty of the future. We still can have hope even in the most difficult circumstances and feel the thrill of uneasiness even in the best situation due to the uncertainty of the future. The former makes us courageous during difficulties and the latter makes us humble when things are going well.

If your life were predetermined and you could know your future like reading a book, your ambiguous vague malaise about your future would turn into hopeless frustration and boredom. Ambiguous vague malaise about your future is a very important element that enriches your life, that you should enjoy rather than avoid.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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