Hsin Shin Ming: “40. There is but one Dh

Hsin Shin Ming: “40. There is but one Dharma, nothing else. People make illusions and are attached to them.”

Dharma means the Way, true-Self or emptiness. The essence of everything is emptiness, and everything is oneness as emptiness. What we see, hear and feel is all one Dharma, emptiness, and there is nothing else. The reason why things look different from each other is not because each of them differs originally from one another but because we divide oneness into many and differentiate by assigning different labels, imaginary lines such as good, bad, large, small, gold, stone, glass, diamond and so on.

We struggle to attain ‘good’ and avoid ‘bad’. This is how we are deluded by the illusions created by us. In particular, those who try to attain enlightenment or realise what the true-Self, emptiness is, tend to make images of emptiness or the true-Self and strive to achieve them. This is like trying to grasp a moon’s reflection in the water.

Student: “It is said that there is but one Dharma. What is the one Dharma?”
Master: “What is not?”

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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