Q. What is the meaning of the Dharma Ending Age? Are there realms where there is no Buddha at all?

A. ‘To attain enlightenment, to see the Buddha is very difficult at the Dharma Ending Age because the power of the Dharma is on the decline’ is a popular phrase that is often misinterpreted. The Buddha is the ultimate truth and eternity itself without beginning or end, and the Dharma refers to Buddha’s teaching. The Dharma is also identified with the Buddha since Buddha’s teaching is the ultimate truth. The Buddha, or the Dharma has no end because it has no beginning and there is no realm where there is no Buddha.



‘The Dharma Ending Age’ implies the time when people believe that the Dharma has beginning and end and that it is so old that it is nearing the end with its power fading, that is, the time when people are being deluded by illusions. To such people it may seem as if this were the Dharma Ending Age but in fact it is just an illusion of their own creation. To the people who are deluded by illusions, every moment is the Dharma Ending Age and where they are is the realm with no Buddha. Saying that now is the Dharma Ending Age is like saying that now is the universe ending age.


©Boo Ahm


All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway


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