Xuansha’s “Person of Three Disabilities”

Xuansha said to the assembly, Elders in various places all talk about interacting with and benefiting all beings. If you encounter a person with three disabilities, how will you guide that person? Even if you take up a mallet or raise a whisk, the blind do not see you. Even if you speak eloquently, the deaf do not hear you. Even if you ask them to speak, the mute cannot speak. How will you guide them? If you cannot guide them, the Buddhadharma has no power. 

At that time, Dizang was in the assembly. He came forward and said, “I have eyes and ears. Master, how do you guide me?” Xuansha said, “I am ashamed.” Then he returned to the abbot’s room. 



Student: “How will you guide a person with the three disabilities?” 

Master: Have you ever seen a person with the three disabilities?”  

Student: No, Ive seen a person with one, or two disabilities, but Ive never seen a person with the three disabilities at the same time. How will you guide him should you meet him?”  

Master: “I am too busy guiding a person with the three disabilities to answer your question now.” 



The problem of sentient beings is that they are not aware of what their problems are. 


©Boo Ahm 


All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway 


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