Q. How can I love myself?

A. Before answering your question, I’d like to ask you whether you know what you are and whom you hate, or don’t love. If you don’t know what you are when your body is not you, how can you hate yourself? If you don’t know what you are, whom do you hate? In the same way, if you don’t know what you are, how can you love yourself? You cannot truly love yourself without knowing what you are.



If you hate yourself whilst not aware what you are, you should realise, you are fighting with the illusion of yourself created by you. I’d like to advise you to try to know who is producing the illusion of yourself, instead of struggling with it. Your steady effort to realise what you are will make your hatred for yourself wane and gradually turn it into love.


The source of our unhappiness is not knowing what we are and knowing what we are is the source of our eternal happiness.


©Boo Ahm


All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway


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