Q. Does non-thinking require effort?

A. Above all, you need a correct definition of non-thinking. You should know that non-thinking is not to stop thinking altogether, just like stone, but rather to stop being deluded by illusions, or words. Granted, it may be possible to stop thinking during your practice in a quiet place, but it is impossible in your ordinary life, away from your practice room, which demands decisions and choices at every moment, no matter what effort you may make to stop your thinking.



However, once you have realised that everything is empty, it is possible to stop being deluded by illusions, all the time, without any effort. I’d like to advise you to try to see everything as empty, to see everything as it is and not to try to stop thinking.


©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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