Q. How can we prove that we are God?

A. This time I will answer the question based on the Bible. According to the Bible, God created everything. If God created everything, what was there before things were created by God? There was nothing else but God, or there was only God and nothing else. Then, God was not God because there was no one else and nothing else to distinguish him from, and no one who would call him God. There was just oneness that was nameless. We nowadays refer to the oneness as God for the sake of convenience.


What do you think God created, or made everything out of? He could not help but make everything out of part of God himself, since there was nothing else but God himself before he started to create things. This means that everything, including human beings, is part of God. Therefore, Jesus said, “When the day comes, you will know that I am in my father and that you are in me, just as I am in you.” (John 14:20)



How can we return to the state prior to creation, the state of oneness that was the figure of God before we were made into human beings? We can do this if we do in reverse what God did when he created us. To do in reverse what God did when creating us, we must know how He created everything. The Bible has the answer to this as well. John1:2-3 says, “From the very beginning the Word was with God. Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.”


It is apparent that everything was made through word. Then, doing in reverse what God did when creating everything is removing or detaching all the words. What will happen if all the words that define the boundary and identity of everything are removed? Everything becomes oneness, the state prior to creation. We return to the nameless oneness which we call God for the sake of convenience. In Buddhism it is called the Buddha, the true-Self, or Oneness. Enlightenment means returning to the nameless oneness.


©Boo Ahm


All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway


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