Q. When we drink tea, it is said that we should look to the place where the mind arises, and that if there are thoughts there, we will not taste Zen. So, where does the mind arise?

A. There are thoughts where the mind arises because thoughts are the function of the mind. To realise where thoughts are from is enlightenment, which is to see the mind that is the root of all thoughts. You should not think that thoughts and the mind are apart from each other but know that thoughts are to the mind as winds are to air.

In fact, whatever you may do; drinking tea, doing the dishes, thinking over your personal matters, all that you do in everyday life is the function of the mind. The problem is that you do not know what the mind is while it is with you all the time. The purpose of Zen meditation is to realise what it is. That is why ancient masters would say that we should not try to avoid thoughts but try to see the mind, the root of them, through them.

When you drink tea, ask yourself what is controlling your body. What is balancing your body not to collapse? What is making your hand raise the cup to your mouth? And what is making your mouth feel that the tea is hot? Finding the answer to these questions is the way to see where the mind arises in person.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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