Rinzai 92

To seek the Buddha, to seek the Dharma, those produce only Karma in hell. To seek the Bodhisattvas is again producing Karma. Reading the Sutras and Treatises also produces Karma.


‘The Buddha’, ‘the Dharma’ and ‘the Bodhisattvas’ are just names invented for the sake of teaching sentient beings and not the essence of what Buddhism says. To follow these words is also to be deluded by illusions, which is also to produce Karma that we are anxious to escape from. Reading the Sutras and Treatises also is no better than producing Karma if we cling to the words without grasping what is beyond the words. That is why the Buddha said, “Not a word have I said” on his deathbed, and ancient masters said, “Why do you look at the finger instead of the moon when it points to the moon?”

Once a monk asked the sixth Patriarch, “Who got the Dharma from the fifth Patriarch?” The sixth Patriarch answered, “One who knew the Buddha’s Dharma did.” The monk asked, “Did you get it?” The sixth Patriarch said, “No, I didn’t.” The monk asked again, “Why didn’t you get it?” The sixth Patriarch said, “Because I didn’t know the Buddha’s Dharma.” This story shows well that the enlightened are not deluded by the words such as the Buddha’s Dharma.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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