Q. If we are perfect from the beginning and will be perfect after enlightenment, then what is the purpose of this spiritual evolution? Why does perfection seek such experience?

A. Thinking and saying that we are perfect from the beginning is one thing and experiencing perfection in person is another. There is a beggar whose parents lost him, their only child, when he was very young and left an unimaginably huge fortune for him when they passed away. One day to his surprise he happens to hear the fact that he is the only heir of the rich couple. However, he never accepts the fact, believing that he cannot be so lucky. Over time he becomes convinced, little by little, of the fact as his acquaintances tell the same story to him repeatedly. In the end he thinks that he is very rich and says, “I know I am rich because I’ve inherited all of their estate” when he is told the same story by others who want to help him. However, in reality he is still a beggar since he doesn’t know where his wealth is, how much cash and how much real estate it consists of and how to use it because he doesn’t have even a notion of real estate and has never been to the bank not to speak of using a bank book. Then, can we say he knows that he is rich?

In the same way, the perfection you mention is not perfection until you experience it in person, just as food is not food to you until you feel full by eating it.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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