Rinzai 120

There are everywhere teachers who do not distinguish the false from the true. When a student comes to question one of them on enlightenment, on Nirvana, on the Trinity, on illusions, or wisdom, the blind teacher at once begins to explain them verbosely to the student. And if the student abuses him, he takes his stick and rudely beats the student while shouting, “How rude you are! Where are your manners?” It is because the teacher doesn’t have the eye of wisdom that he is poorly treated. He should not be upset with the student.


Here Master Rinzai talks about the prevalence of unqualified teachers who, pretending to be enlightened, are misleading students. Such teachers, when asked about core aspects of Buddhism such as enlightenment and Nirvana, just beat around the bush, simply quoting from the Sutras without presenting clear-cut answers. This is because they don’t have their own wisdom from enlightenment. Such teachers are bound to be found fraudulent by students whose practice is well ripened. Unfortunately, when their incompetence is uncovered, they blame the students who disclose it for their bad manners so that they may hide their own ignorance.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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1 thought on “Rinzai 120”

  1. It matters not. It’s all mu in the end! Now go forth and eliminate suffering!
    In gassho….


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