Rinzai 134

In case a true student puts out a pot with sticky glue by shouting a Katsu, the master, not sensing that it is a trick, add various theories to it. Then, the student gives a Katsu one more time, but the master still doesn’t let go of his theories. This is a chronic disease that even a doctor cannot cure. This is called ‘a guest sees through a host.’


This paragraph shows how a nominal master, who is not enlightened, is seen through by a true practitioner. When a young enlightened practitioner raises the question ‘Do you know that this is the true-Self?’ by revealing the true-self through shouting a Katsu, the nominal master, missing the core of the question, tries to explain the true-Self with his knowledge, quoting from well known books on enlightenment such as the Sutras. Then, the practitioner gives a Katsu once more, which means ‘Sir, show me the true-Self directly instead of narrating such a redundant doctrinal explanation.’ However, the nominal master clings to his intellectual comprehension since he has no experience of enlightenment, that is, he cannot see things as they are. This is called a chronic disease that even a doctor cannot cure because he, lost in the belief in his enlightenment, has no intention to see a doctor to be cured of the disease. In this way, when a good student sees through a fake master, it is called ‘a guest sees through a host’.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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