Q. It is said that our souls go to Heaven or Hell after death. How can we believe it?

A. Don’t believe it. If death were the gateway to Heaven, why wouldn’t those who argue for this idea go there right now instead of struggling to escape from the ocean of suffering? The sooner a good thing happens, the better it is. The later a bad thing happens, the better it is. If they could be sure that they go to Heaven after death, why would they go to see a doctor and struggle to avoid death by all available means when they are not well instead of praying to God to take them to Heaven as soon as possible?

If you want your soul to go to Heaven, you should realise what your soul is and what and where Heaven is above all. If not knowing not only who wants to go to Heaven but also what the destination to go to is, how could you wish to go there? Trying to go to Heaven without knowing either of them is not different from striving to attain the horn of a rabbit, or the hairs of a turtle.

You should remember that to realise either your soul or Heaven is to open the gate to Heaven. The moment you realise it, you will realise that you are already there and have never left it as well. Heaven is no other than where we are at this moment and realising the fact is to go to Heaven. So, Heaven is where you should go while alive, not after death.

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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