Touzi’s Moon

Touzi’s Moon

Once a monastic asked Zen master Touzi, “How is it when the moon is not yet full?”
Touzi said, “It swallowed up three and four.”
The monastic said, “How is it after the moon is full?”
Touzi said, “It spat out seven and eight.”

Student: “Why is the moon not full when it swallowed up three and four while it is full when it spat out seven and eight?”
Master: “Because you swallowed.”
Student: “How can I spit out?”
Master: “Don’t swallow.”
Student: “I have nothing in my mouth. What shall I spit out?”
Master: “Your mouth.”

When realising that you have no mouth, you’ll realise that there is nothing to swallow up and spit out.”

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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