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Q328. Is everything empty because it is always changing and not everlasting?

A. Absolutely not. Everything is empty not because it is always changing and not everlasting but because it doesn’t have its own fixed nature unless you grant it labels such as hard, soft, fragile, flexible et cetera. Emptiness is the state without any label or imaginary line, where there is no time.



Time is a typical imaginary line. When there is no time, no change can take place since change means the passage of time. When there is no change, there is no life and death. Therefore, when you experience the truth that you are emptiness itself, you are said to escape from the yoke of life and death.


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1 thought on “Q328. Is everything empty because it is always changing and not everlasting?”

  1. This is my understanding, which may be wrong.

    Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form.They are inseparable.
    Form is the result of previous conditions.
    Emptiness is the unconditional nature of Form.

    We need to see in both ways.
    The conditional Form which we use in our daily life and which we can describe with words, is one way.
    The other way is to see the unconditional nature of that Form.
    This is Emptiness or Oneness or True Self.
    Which is our True nature beyond words, and can only be realised not described.


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