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Q102. Student: “What are you when your body is not you, Sir?”

A. Master: “I can’t answer such a difficult question.”

Student: “What is an easy question, Sir?”

Master: “That is too easy a question to answer.”

Student: “What question shall I ask you then, Sir?”

Master: “Ask me a question which is neither difficult nor easy.”



What is a question which is neither easy nor difficult?

How charitable the master is by giving a delicious and nutritious fish to a poor person!

Why is he struggling with its bone without eating its meat?

©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

2 thoughts on “Q102. Student: “What are you when your body is not you, Sir?””

  1. The student must find his own answer. See directly into his own experience.
    The Master checks his understanding by using the label ‘Difficult’ in his answer.
    The student replies with the label ‘Easy’.
    Seeing where he is stuck the Master uses the label ‘Too Easy’.
    The student is confused and asks what sort of question he should ask.
    The Master kindly tells him not to use either label. Difficult or Easy.
    He wants him to understand that he must go beyond labels/illusions.

    The Master was trying to lead the student away from labels/illusions which will not help him .Just as fishbones will not nourish him.
    Dropping labels and seeing directly will reveal the students true nature just as the meat from the fish will nourish him.
    This is what we all need to do.


  2. The student still doesn’t grasp the master’s intention. He doesn’t appreciate the master’s kindness.


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