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Q101. Why can’t we see our true-self?

A. Don’t think that you can’t see it. You are seeing and hearing it even at this moment. You can’t avoid seeing and hearing it. The key problem is that you can’t discern it because your eyes and ears are covered with illusions. Never think that your true-self is somewhere else out of your reach. There is nothing that doesn’t belong to your true-self. Even you yourself are not an exception. Whatever you do, cry, smile, commit a cruel crime or do good deeds, they are all actions of your true-self. In summary, you can no more get away from your true-self even for a moment than you can get away from the universe. So if you chase it for a moment, it is said, you will be going the wrong way.


Student: “What is the true-self like, Sir?”
Master: “Why do you ask me the taste of your saliva in your mouth?”
©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

2 thoughts on “Q101. Why can’t we see our true-self?”

  1. When I am asleep my mouth is very dry.
    When I start to wake up I notice this.
    Then the saliva starts to run.
    I can taste it.


  2. You say, “I am asleep” “I start to wake up”.
    We can’t see our true-self because we have a very strong illusion of ‘I’.

    Boo Ahm


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