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Q349. If bubbles in a bottle of water are the true Self, as well as the bottle itself and its surroundings, how can the true Self contain the true Self? Which of these elements represents the true Self? Or is it everything?

A. The true-self is non-duality, oneness. There is nothing that is not the true-self, which is often compared to the universe. Bubbles, bottle, water and surroundings are all part of the universe. Which of them doesn’t belong to the universe? It is because you separate them from the universe by putting labels or drawing imaginary lines on them that you think that the universe contains them. In fact, it is impossible to break or tear the universe whatever we may do, because even we who try to break it are the universe itself. Even when things change or are changed into other forms whether visible or invisible, their changes are part of the universe as well.



To conclude, there is nothing that is not the true-self. The reason why you think that a bottle contains water is that you put different labels on them. I’d like to recommend that you think over the phrase ‘You should be able to put Mt. Everest into a grain of mustard seed’.

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Q134. How can we remove all the illusions that we may have created over many decades at one time, not one by one?

A. Then how would it be possible to remove all of the countless illusions by removing them one by one when many new illusions are made as fast as they are eliminated?

Trying to remove all illusions one by one is like trying to remove all of the sand from a huge river by counting the grains of sand one at a time.


When you reach the final goal, it is like all dreams immediately disappear by themselves when you wake up from sleeping. Then you can see all things clearly as they are all at once, like removing some coloured glasses that distorted your vision.

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All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway